by Pinto Graham

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doomcrew halway to gone meets monster magnet riffs with sabbath influence.east coast stoner rock at its best. Favorite track: The Creeper.
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FDJ Bluesy infused tomes drenched in elements of psych, stoner and doom enhanced by swirling guitar pyrotechnics and warm soulful vocals that are underpinned by a tight but flexible rhythm section.
Superb!!!!! . Favorite track: Ghost Town.
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released May 5, 2017

Pinto Graham
Andre Roman: Guitars and Vocals
Ant Reckart: Bass and Vocals
Brian Harris: Drums

Special Guest
Ace Carlson: Backing Vocals (except 1, 8)

Recorded and Mixed
David Kaminski at Studio Wormwood

Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East

Design and Layout
JD Reckart at Circa 1972 Media Management

Cover Artwork
Varises Otak


all rights reserved



Pinto Graham New Haven, Connecticut

Pinto Graham is a Southern Rock trio.
Shake your boogie-woogie booty or bang your head.
Or both if you're talented enough.

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Track Name: Hell Train
Hell Train - always calling me back
Hell Train - leaving scars and tracks
The further I go down, the harder I fall
I'm having a breakdown, don't matter at all
Hell Train - railing runaway rogue
Hell Train - running out of control
Track Name: Counting Coup
Mark One - brave young son
Never back down, never gonna run
Mark Two - the path of the few
Never get marked, never gonna lose
Counting Coup instead of taking life
With my coup stick, I have won this fight
Mark Three - can't catch me
Never slow down, wild and free
Mark Four - down to the core
Warrior heart, cosmic soul
Track Name: Ghost Town
You fell in love with a Ghost Town
Tumble weeds and all
There's not a soul to be found
But there's no room for you
So ride on
That old well in the heart of town
Well, its as dry as a bone
Don't you shed no tears now
It won't do no good.
Ride on
Track Name: Gambler
Ante up, let's go boys, luck be a lady tonight
All the chips are on the table and shoulders squared up for a fight
Roll the dice once more
I've been down this road before but I lived to see the light
Another pair of eyes
This ain't my first rodeo and it's time for me to go
All in, one last time, winner takes the lot
Except the .38 I'm holding and you'll get that, like it or not
Track Name: The Creeper
Spark it up and pass it down, keep it going round and round
Smoke it up until it's gone, I hope this shit is really strong
Crank up the Floyd, man
Wish you were here again
It don't matter where you've been once it starts kicking in
Here comes the Creeper, here comes the Creeper
All hail the Creeper, here comes the Creeper
I taste color and sound, vibes hitting up and down
See the lords and their clowns in the magic forest mouth
Crank up the Sabbath, man
Faeires wear boots again
It's all the same in the end once it starts to hit again
Track Name: Fire
No one to witness, no one survives
Take no prisoners, no one left alive
Not the children, not the women
No need for trophies, right now is the prize
And the admission price is Fire
Set this night on Fire
See through vision and the admission price is Fire
Track Name: Bootlegger Blues
In the moonlight, a wild wind blows
I'll ride shotgun to clear the road
Rolling Thunder, White Lightning
Whiskey Sun, Moonshining
We race the silence on country roads
No lights or sirens to slow our roll
Track Name: Wind n Heel
The tears you shed over the years
Will be outweighed by all your fears
They'll wait in darkness till you're alone
The shadows you see are just your own
At the end of the day, after you stumble and fall
There's nothing left to say, nothing left at all
Whatever you're trying to be is down right dirty and mean
On bended knee you're never right
Your insane eyes have lost the fight
As you get closer to the state I'm in
You'll pray for life again and again
Track Name: Low Road
Right from the start, it was just you and I
In my time of need, you were not there
Now the time has come, all debts be paid
And in the end, the truth will out
The choice is clear, gonna tear that bastard down
This ends right here, tear that mother fucker down
I walk the walk, I will not fail
As I watch you die, I will not mourn, I will not cry
Track Name: High Flyer
There's a twister coming in the dead of night
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Like a freight coming with a head of steam
Wailing out with a banshee scream
I wanna get high, I'm gonna fly until I die
A whirlwind's coming like a switch blade knife
It'll cut you down in the prime of your life

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