El Mago T-Shirt - Savanna

from Pinto Graham


Will wearing El Mago's face over your heart chakra open a mystical portal into the astral plane**
Who knows? The universe is still a mystery, but now in khaki.

Savanna (khaki), 100% Cotton, Made by Gildan (perhaps another wizard?)

*Your mileage may vary.

Message from Pinto Graham: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to mail records and other physical merchandise. We appreciate your support, and we will ship your order as soon as we can.

  $15 USD or more 


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Pinto Graham New Haven, Connecticut

Pinto Graham is a Southern Rock trio.
Shake your boogie-woogie booty or bang your head.
Or both if you're talented enough.

For our EP DOS, go to pintograham.bandcamp.com/album/dos

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